Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spark Your Memory: Week 3

This week, we're asking you to write a school story using description, immediacy, and dialogue.


I find that many people have strong memories of school regarding these topics:
  • Indignation.  Were you falsely accused?  Falsely punished?
  • Excuses.  Why wasn't your homework done?  Were you really sick?
  • Tattling.  What kind of bargaining went on to make sure the teacher didn't find out?
  • Your best friend.  Most of our early best friends were ones we met at school.  What did you and your best friend do?
  • Your enemy.  The later elementary school years are partially characterized by "enemies."  Who was yours?  What sorts of battles did you fight?
Perhaps you don't want to write about your own school years.  For those of you who are parents, you might also consider these topics:
  • Your first parent-teacher conference or phone call from school.
  • A brush with other school parents
  • The absurdities of the PTA or other school organization.
  • The difficulties of "helping" with homework. 
Still not feeling it?  Consider a day in the life of an inanimate object. 
  • What does a school desk see and hear?  What makes it cringe?  You could get a very immediate feeling for the school/house/whatever from the vantage point of something that cannot move, that is always there, and that is integral to daily activity (the kitchen sink, for example).

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