Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's Write: Week 1

Assignment:  Write a simple story about a compelling memory from childhood.

More info:  Do not worry about form or length at this point.  Reach back.  Grab a moment from the ocean of your memory.  Try to capture its wriggling fish-like essence and somehow convert that to words on a page.  That in itself is hard enough.

Some examples:  Do not feel compelled to read all or even any of these.  These examples are merely here to show you what this assignment *might* look like.  Your writing will not look like these stories.  That's good.  Your voice is your own and we like it that way.  That said, sometimes hearing a story is like the bait that lures stories of your own to the surface.  If you feel stuck or insecure, give one of them a try.  Conversely, I find that when I have finished but feel something is missing, reading another's story sometimes shows me what I left out.  Feel free to refer to these later in the process as well.

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