Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's Write: Week 2

Assignment:  Write a simple story including a specific immediate moment.

More info:  What is an immediate moment?  An immediate moment is one in which we are on the second-to-second level of the story, the real-time action.

Immediate moment:  "Ouch!" yelped Sarah as she skidded across the pavement after shooting over the handlebars of her bike. She yanked her shin toward, propelling her knee toward her nose where she carefully examined the frayed edges of her skin cradling gravel in a small pool of blood that was welling to the surface.  Over the horizon of her knee, she glimpsed the twisted wheel of her bike and forgot about the sting of her knee over the sudden stabbed to her heart.

Less immediate:  Sarah skinned her knee and looked at her bike sadly.

Note:  If you're thinking that the immediate moment looks a lot like writing in images and actions from our revision, you're right!  You've had a preview, now we'll be working a little more closely with it.

Some examples:

This I Believe:
Other well known:

Other contemporary blog:

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