Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spark Your Memory: Week 1 Suggested Topics

So we're writing about childhood this week.


Consider the following objective topics:
  • sports or games you played as a child
  • your first pet or strange pets
  • your first friends
Consider the following subjective/developmental topics:
  • When did you learn your parents were human?
  • Was there a misconception that colored your thinking for many years?
  • In what ways did you overcome your early obstacles and gain confidence?
Consider the following sensory prompts:
  • What is the first smell you remember and what comes to mind?
  • What kind of pleasure did you get out of your first favorite foods and how did you eat them?
  • Which songs, cartoon themes, or video game music got stuck in your head as a child?  What actions went along with the tune?

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