Friday, June 28, 2013

The Inner Change

First, REMINDER:  There is no class next week, Friday, July 5, due to the holiday weekend.

Secondly, if you are not interested in linking up your stories this week and if you don't have another idea to write on, feel free to pop on over to Share a Pair of Stories for a straight-up lifestory writing prompt.

Okay, if you are here to link up your stories, let's review our progress so far.
  1. We found the theme (or themes) that seems central or recurs often in our stories.
  2. We discovered which other genre's characteristics our story shares.
  3. We identified the places that our shorter stories should fill on a plot line of our larger story's genre.
  4. We identified the inner change that our character makes during the course of our stories and started to put specific events to the changes.
Today, we will more closely at our inner changes.  Although our inner changes don't have plot lines like the major genres or archetypes do, they do have some feelings, problems, and goals that we generally all share.

Somewhere in your journey, you likely felt:
  • Angry
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Driven
  • Afraid
  • Ashamed
  • At peace
Incorporate these feelings into your inner journey list.  Put each one beside a story that you have written or one you need to write.

Next, most of us need, on the inside, to feel secure in the following areas:
  • Trust 
  • Autonomy/Initiative (I'm able to do it myself without needing to ask.)
  • Identity, often through Industry or what you do (You need to be busy, and what you do often defines how you see yourself.)
  • Intimacy (You need to be connected, loved for who you are, and to make a difference on those around you.)
The turmoil of your story may revolve around trying to gain these or struggling with their opposites (distrust, shame, guilt, inferiority, confusion, and isolation).

Finally, most of us are seeking--and will change ourselves to obtain:
  • Physical security and satiation of basic bodily needs
  • Social belonging 
  • Self respect and respect from peers
  • Fulfillment
Identify as many of these aspects in your inner change story as possible.

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