Friday, May 17, 2013


My brother is adopted, and I've spent much of my life around adoptees and adoptive families.  I have heard almost all of the excuses and explanations about adoption of children.  I have also lived and traveled overseas and spent much time around immigrants and expatriates.  I have heard equally as many excuses and explanations of adopting (or not adopting) new cultures.

But one thing about either type of adoption is fundamentally clear:  the taking up of someone or something that is not yours and making it your own changes you very bit as much as it changes the other person or thing.

The other extraordinarily clear aspect of adoption is that the taking up is a conscious choice.

This week's assignment is to take a tenet of life that you've adopted from somewhere.  Explain how you discovered, how you incorporated it into your life, and how it has changed you.

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