Friday, November 16, 2012

Enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY!

This week, it is my pleasure to say, "HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!"

We will not have class next week, but there will be a post here because...

It's Share a Pair of Stories time!

Beginning next week and continuing until I am out of stories, I will run the collected community stories at  Yay!  I hope you will tune in!

For our next class (Friday, November 30, 2012), we will work at undermining some of our cliches with new expressions, and I encourage you to use the sensory surroundings of the holiday season to come up with fresh similes and metaphors:
  • as happy as... (the cat in the turkey carcass)
  • as sad as... (the broken wishbone)
You get the picture.

I'll see you all again soon!

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