Friday, September 18, 2015

Minor Characters

Last week, we talked about the Do You Know list.  Today, I'd like to talk a little about a Who You Know list.

When we write our life stories, we have a tendency to stick with the events of central characters of our families, what those talking about creative writing might call scenes within the A-story.  But most stories (and lives) have subplots, or B-stories, which add flavor to the whole.  Many of those minor characters are some of our most beloved, from Dickens's Tiny Tim to Lucas's R2-D2.  Adding their stories to your own collection will add flavor and tell us so much more about the time and community in which you have lived.

Consider these questions:

  • Which of your acquaintances has made a significant impact on you?
  • Which of your neighbors has always stuck in your mind?
  • Who had a unique outlook on life?
  • Was there a person who, because of their routine, you frequently met while going about your daily activities?
  • Is there a person with whom you were not necessarily close but who always managed to provoke an emotional response from you (could be happiness, amusement, annoyance, comfort, etc.)?
Consider adding you thoughts on them to your work as well.

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