Friday, October 5, 2012

Playing Around: Soooo Good!

You've all seen a dog tracking something, and we've all licked our lips a time or two in greedy anticipation of some scrumptious morsel.  This week, I'd like you to consider anticipation as expressed by smell and possibly taste.  You don't necessarily have to talk about food.  You can use the smell and taste as metaphor (e.g., "There was something rotten about this," or "Something definitely smelled fishy").

Here are some other ideas:
  • Track something.  Use smell to lead you somewhere.
  • Remember something.  They say smell is the basis of our first memories, and the smell of my loved ones on pillows and jackets is something I absolutely use to console myself when they are gone.  Where do familiar smells take you?  What does the juxtaposition of, say, the smell of your grandfather's pipe in a new city cause you to think or feel?
  • Look forward to (or dread) something.  Whether it's the pre-Thanksgiving aromas emanating from the oven or the scent of lilies wafting in from the funeral parlor, those fragrances foreshadow things to come.

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