Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's Write: Week 4

Assigment:  Using what you have learned up till now, write a story about a single, emotional moment, or, if you feel emotioned out, write a story of an "Aha!" moment, an epiphany from childhood, or a pivotal moment from any time in your life.

More info:  First we learned to catch a story and get it on the page.  Then we learned how to describe the fish so that we knew what we had.  Then we learned how to qualify what we had, measure it, discuss its health.  Now I want you to tell me how that fish fits into your life.  What did you learn from it?

Some examples:

This I Believe:

Other well known:
  • Araby (which I hate, mind you, but I would be negligent not to mention it because it is one of the definitive examples of epiphany in literature) 
  • Time Flies: Do the Legs Go Before the Mind? (Choose the arrow by "Front Cover" to choose the chapter beginning on page 114.)

Other contemporary blog:

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